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Demi Lovato was born Demetria Devonne Lovato in Dallas, Texas on August 20, 1992. She has two sisters, one older and one younger. The older sister is named Dallas and her younger sister is Madison. Her mom was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader during the 1982-1983 football season. Her mom was also a country music singer. Demi is of Italian, Irish, and Hispanic descent.

The Many Talents of Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato is a skilled pianist and guitar player. When she was just six years old she acted in the children’s TV show Barney and Friends. She played Angela. After that she guest starred in the Fox show Prison Break. She appeared on Just Jordan in January of 2007, and was also in the series Split Ends.

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She landed the role of Charlotte Adams on the Disney Channel series As the Bell Rings, which is a five minute show that runs between sitcoms. She left the show; however, after the first season to pursue other interests.

Demi had won many talent competitions and even performed during the Dallas Cowboys Halftime Show on Thanksgiving Day. Her big break came when she got a starring role in Camp Rock, which also stars the Jonas Brothers. She played Joe Jonas' love interest in the movie, and they have remained great friends since working together.

Demi’s music career is also skyrocketing. She has been playing piano and guitar since she was 11 years old. She was chosen to sing "That’s How You Know" (from the movie Enchanted) on the DisneyMania 6 CD.
What is Demi's latest endeavor, you ask? She is going to have her very own series on the Disney Channel called Welcome to Mollywood. She stars as Molly, an aspiring actress who gets her own TV show.

Read more at Suite101: A Biography of Demi Lovato: Talented Teen Sensation and Big Hit with Tweens Her first album is out now, which is titled "Don’t Forget." The Jonas Brothers helped her with writing the songs. She already has a few singles climbing up the Disney Radio charts, including "Get Back."
Little Known Facts about Demi

Here are a few facts about Demi:
    * She is homeschooled.
    * She gets a lot of her clothes from Forever 21 and most of her shoes from Aldo.
    * She absolutely loves to go shopping.
    * Her favorite band is Paramore, and her favorite song by them is Born For This.

Demi’s best friend is Selena Gomez (star of Wizards of Waverly Place). She met Selena when they were in Barney and Friends together and have been the best of friends ever since. They even have a You Tube show together called "The Demi and Selena Show."

Demi has been the national spokesgirl for Hasbro’s Hit Clips, and did voiceovers for national radio and television ads for Denny’s, Radica, and Hasbro.

Other fun facts:
    * Her favorite colors are red and black.
    * She loves surfing.
    * She sang the Aretha Franklin song "Ain’t No Way" for her Camp Rock audition.
    * Demi wears a necklace that says "True Love Waits."
You haven’t seen the last of Demi Lovato. She is going to be starring in another Disney Channel original movie called Princess Protection Program, which will premier in January 2009. She will star with Selena Gomez. And don’t forget to watch her new Disney Channel series Welcome to Mollywood when it appears.

Read more at Suite101: A Biography of Demi Lovato: Talented Teen Sensation and Big Hit with Tweens
Playing with Barney & Selena
Lovato, 5, the daughter of Dianna De La Garza – a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and country music singer ("I got my voice from her," Lovato says) – attends a local casting call for Barney & Friends. Because she can't read yet, Lovato doesn't land a role on the show until she's 6. She spends two seasons on Barney alongside best friend and future Disney star Selena Gomez.