Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Vivian Schiller , Senior Vice President and General Manager, NYTimes.com.Vivian Schiller was named senior vice president and general manager of NYTimes.com in May 2006.  In this role, she leads the day-to-day operations of NYTimes.com, the largest newspaper Web site on the Internet.  Ms. Schiller had previously served as senior vice president, Television and Video for The New York Times and also executive vice president and general manager for the Discovery Times Channel, a joint venture with Discovery Communications.  She has been with the Times Company since May 2002.

Under Ms. Schiller's leadership, Discovery Times Channel distribution grew from 14 million households  to more than 39 million, achieving early profitability and critical acclaim.  During her tenure, The Discovery Times Channel  also received numerous awards including three Emmys, two Overseas Press Club Awards and three National Headliner Awards.

Before joining the Times Company, Ms. Schiller worked for Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. as executive vice president for CNN Productions.  In this position, she led the CNN Newsgroup's long-form programming efforts, including the development and launch of People in the News (with People magazine) and CNN Presents.  During her tenure with CNN, Ms. Schiller received numerous awards, including five Emmy Awards and two Peabody Awards.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Schiller served as vice president and general manager of Turner Original Productions where she managed the documentary division of the Turner Entertainment Networks.  In addition, she was senior producer for Turner's first-ever Oscar nominated program, Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream, among other Peabody- and Emmy-winning productions.  She began her career at Turner Broadcasting Systems, Inc. in 1988 as a Russian interpreter and production coordinator on projects in the former Soviet Union.

Ms. Schiller earned her master's degree in Russian from Middlebury College in 1984 and her bachelor's degree in Russian and Soviet Studies from Cornell University in 1983.

Vivian Schiller: 5 Facts on NPR's Departing CEO
CEO Vivian Schiller has resigned after NPR was caught up in a sting executed by James O'Keefe, the conservative activist who has made his name by using undercover videos to expose what he considers to be liberal institutions.

In a new video, NPR fundraising executive Ronald Schiller (no relation to the now-departed CEO) spoke disdainfully of the Republican Party and the tea party. After her resignation was announced, Vivian Schiller told The New York Times that though she had nothing to do with Ronald Schiller's comments, "I'm the CEO, and the buck stops here."

Surge Desk looks at what we know about Vivian Schiller's background.

1. Came to NPR two years ago
Schiller joined NPR in January 2009 as the organization's president and CEO. When it was announced that she would be helming NPR, she said, "I couldn't be more honored and excited about the opportunity to join such an important institution and its many talented and dedicated people."

2. Worked at The New York Times
Before arriving at NPR, Schiller was the senior vice president and general manager of NYTimes.com, where she oversaw "product, technology, marketing, classifieds, strategic planning and business development," according to her official NPR bio.

3. Former TV producer
Schiller spent several years in television as a producer, working on documentaries like "Survivors of the Holocaust," for which she shared an Emmy, and "Word Wars," which looked at the world of competitive Scrabble.

4. Russian expert
Schiller has a bachelor's degree in Russian and Soviet studies from Cornell, from which she graduated in 1983, and a master's degree in Russian from Middlebury College. From 1985 to 1988, she worked as an interpreter and tour guide in the USSR, then began working for Turner Broadcasting as a "fixer."

5. One of D.C.'s "most powerful women"

In 2009, Washingtonian magazine named Schiller one of the District of Columbia's 100 most powerful women.